Late Post…

I know, I know, I didn’t post by Thursday.

I just got all tangled up in school and work and I had other things in my mind….especially Marc Marquez (here I insert an immature “<3”. But gally I love that boy so much, I’ll post about him later. And here I insert yet another immature ūüėČ hahaha).

Earlier this week, I went to the Dean’s Office to pick up my form and darted to the table where I was told to come pick it up; but I was told to go back and talked to the front desk first. So I did, and a minute or two later, the front desk assistant told me to return to the desk that I already visited in the first place. Turns out that the student who worked there had no idea that my form was there all along. She had to go get another person to help her look for it. To be honest, I got a bit worked up, but then I remember me working at my job and not knowing how to a return transaction at first… So I forgave her. Even though it was expected that a rooki should already know these basic tasks of their jobs, they really don’t and it’s not their fault. Well, not really.

But what matters is that I got the form. I just need to make an appointment with the Health Center and get my medical form signed. A step closer to Malaga.

I’m trying to remain sane but it’s been extremely challenging.

Marc Marquez doesn’t help either. He “drives” me nuts. No pun intended, and yes, he is a motorcycle road racer. An extremely young¬†and¬†beautiful one. Oh, did I mention that he’s the¬†youngest world champion of MotoGP?

I’ll leave that for later, because if I don’t, this post will be¬†ridiculously long.

Good night!




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