Yet Another Update

Time flies! I planned to just serve the Internet a bit before blogging on Thursday, but it’s already Friday morning now. Doesn’t matter, I’m here.

It’s just going to be a short post today: I went to the Study Abroad Office to turn in the course equivalency form but was turned away because I was told that I needed to apply online via the university website first. I was also told that I had to go to the Dean Office to get the disciplinary form signed even though it clearly stated on the form that the Study Abroad Office would do…. So I walked across campus to go to the Dean Office. The office assistance that the form would take 10-15 business days to be signed, but I just got a call back today to pick it up already…two days later… I will have to wait til Tuesday, unfortunately, because school is off due to Homecoming and Veterans’ Day. Can you imagine that? A day off for Homecoming? Only in ‘merica. I’m not complaining, though, especially when I have 4 papers to write.

Until then,




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