I was going to post tomorrow, but I can’t contain my excitement.

I finally have my course equivalency form signed and approved by the advisors. I was pleasantly surprised that my Spanish advisor would equate the course as a 4k level to fit my schedule, but I am happy about it-and my departmental advisor also approved it as well (after she left me alone in her office for a good five minutes to consult another advisor). Also, I found out that my second will also count toward my International Studies major. Two birds with one stone.

At first my other advisor for my other major (not Spanish) was doubtful if the course would count toward International Studies. If the course’s material covers matters before the 18th century, it would not count. I got extremely panicked after reading about this in the e-mail. Fortunately, I was able to prove to him that the course “Spanish Culture and Civilization” has more to do with just history. Sure, it will cover some basic history but only in the first unit, which ranges from the antiquity to the 21st century…because you can’t study a culture and a civilization without going over the history… But the good news is, I got a reply that yes, the course would count. I was already so panicked that I actually misread the e-mail that the course would not count!

But all is well right now. I just made an appointment to turn this form in to my study abroad advisor and I also have a form for her to sign. Our schedules cannot be more conflicting, so I must make a little change on my part. It should be fine. Once she signed the form, I will mail it to the study abroad office out west. Then, every form should be in and I would go ahead and make a payment. And then it would be REAL. Very real. A little too real, a little too scary, but I’m super excited and looking forward to it!

Once the payment is made, I should be starting to get visa support from the program. Yay, more documents.

I have already begun planning my Spring semester’s schedule and it has not been easy. The only way to do it is getting 4 Spanish classes – and they are all back to back, that is, if I am lucky enough to have a spot. The worse part is that the class that I have expected to be offered wasn’t there. It was for my other major and it offers word requirements I need to graduate. So now I’m taking an upper level class instead… Hopefully, they will offer it next fall. If not, I will just take a writing class over the summer or take another 4k level course with a word requirement – but the problem with the latter is that if I do so, I won’t have room in my schedule for a class(3k-level) to get my International Relations Certificate. Whatever, I will take six classes in the Fall if I have to do so. Whatever it takes to graduate!!!! I can’t turn back now. I hope all goes well.

I know it will, just look at how my one advisor approved a study abroad class as a 4k level and the other approved it for my International Studies major. A miracle, I’m telling you.




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