thI wrote a poem in Spanish this week for my class.

It’s my second poem written in Spanish. I wrote my first one in 10th grade. I don’t remember much about what I wrote…But the theme was-surprise, surprise-“libertad” (freedom). Four years have gone by and Brisa’s obsession of being “Libre” lingers.

Since it’s a Spanish class, I had to include verbs that are conjugated in the subjunctive forms. In other words, I wasn’t as “libre” as I would like to be. But here it goes, simple and straightforward just like me.

“Es natural que no podamos seguirnos así           Naturally we can’t go on like this

Pero es díficil que me quite de tus miradas          But it’s tough that I was taken off your gazes

Temo que vayas a dejar todo lo bueno aquí        I fear that you’ll leave all the good things here

Deseo que tú no olvides mirar atrás                     I hope that you do not forget to look back

Y recuerdas que hay alguien                                  And remember that there’s someone

Que quiere abrazarte otra vez más.”                        Who wants to hug you one more time.


To be egotistically honest, it sounds much better in Spanish. I can’t write decent poems in English…

With that off my chest, I can now go on with life. I am looking forward to EL CLASICO clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona, which is definitely something I want to write about soon.

It has come to my attention that a good blogger is a regular one. So I guess I will try to blog at least once a week on Thursdays. But since you know how much I love “la libertad”, I do not know how committed I will be. So, no promises.

Oh, and the poem? Completely based on my non-existence love life. So, no, it is not a true story….at least from what I can remember.

Lastly, I will be back on here a couple more times this weekend to write about the game.

Also, note to self: blog about certain places like Ibiza, Mallorca, and Barcelona. It will be a fun blog!!!

 Until then, hasta luego.





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