Update: Plans Didn’t Go as Planned

Let’s just say it’s been a long day.

My PC is infested with the virus from the said “Antivirus Security Pro”. It is partially my fault that I got panicked when this sly little virus said on my new tab that it would be unsafe to go on and I should go ahead and get rid of the virus. You know, the virus, virus. So I did as it recommended, and now I have a virus-virus-virus.

At least my files are not lost yet. Guess who isn’t going online to watch some silly reality show again.

The worst part is I had an essay due this morning – and I was suffering from my severe chronic writers’ block. I managed to get it done on time, or so I thought.

So, after spending about 5 hours typing away in my handy dandy little smartphone, I took a nap at 5 am and woke up at 7 to go to school. I went to the library for a bit just to make sure that my exam essay is safely and soundly stored in my little red USB.

Later, I decided to make final changes to the essay. Alas, my USB did not wish to cooperate so I could not save the final, most polished version. Thankfully, my professor was extremely kind and understanding. I just turned the essay in later after class and I’m good to go. Would you believe my luck?

That little story doesn’t really have much to do with me studying abroad, does it? Oh well, I think it does since it’s a part of my journey toward the study abroad journey-journey.

But here’s the latest update:

I went to get my advisor’s signature yesterday only to find out that he has changed his office hours. Unfortunately, I have to work during the days that he will be in the office next week. It is getting a little frustrating.

But it will work out in the end. I believe in my luck. I have been pushing it for years and it still pleasantly surprises me.




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