Update: Scheduling…Everything

Loooonngggg time no write.

I have been working, working, and working . It feels like I don’t even have time to breathe. When I’m not working, I would be too tired to do anything, like studying…

Anyways, I’m about to work out my schedule again and balance everything.

So here’s the update about the study abroad program:


So now I’m only going to spend my summer in Malaga just a month….What a shame, what a shame. Only if I had more money, I would be there for like a semester, or a year, or years. And here I go on dreaming off again. Always the ultimate dreamer, always.

No, not really – I’m making that a reality.

I am looking into teaching English abroad programs. I think I am going to spend a year or two in Spain and go from there.

Big plans, big plans…But back to the present.

My schedule has been conflicting with the advisor’s office hours. I need him to sign this “Course Equivalency” form so I know what the credits from the Spanish university will be equal to my university’s credits… If that makes sense.

Next week won’t work either…ERRRRR!!!

Once I have that form signed (hopefully within 2 weeks), I need to go see my study abraod advisor to have her sign ANOTHER form, and send it to the program’s office in another state.

I plan to have all the forms in before November.

Plans, plans, plans. Can’t I just go already?




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