Work, Work, Work

As if being a full time college student with a double major is not difficult enough…

I have been working every single day this week, offering manual labor on Labor’s Day. As I should have already known, manual labor does not sit well with me. Standing on my feet for at least seven hours a day makes me appreciate my college education even more. I pray that my hard work in college will pay off.

A dollar is hard-earned. Every cent will go to my time abroad in Spain. 

I should add “Spend a night in the Ritz”.

Ok, maybe not. I don’t think I am willing to spend over 400 bucks for one night, but I will keep an eye out for a “luxurious” hotel that doesn’t cost too much. Perhaps I should set a maximum price… I’ll just say no more than $250 for one luxurious night.

I am such a dreamer, but I am loving it.

I will keep in mind the images of these luxury while I am doing a back-breaking work at school and whatnot.




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