On a Spanish Article: Flirt Alert – 10 Places for Singles in Spain


This article magically appeared in my social network website, just like the last one. Without further adieu, let’s explore the ten places to flirt in Spain this summer, selected by the accredited Spanish newspaper El Mundo!


Ten Places to Flirt

For the Nordic, German, French, Italian, and half of humanity, Spain is the country of partying and flirting; but where are our best places to do it? Besides Madrid, these places deserve to be on the list, and here are our selections.

1. Playa d’en Bossa. Ibiza


The difficult part is finding a place on this beautiful Balearic Island where it is hard to flirt. But among the possible places is the charismatic beach, the “Playa d’en Bossa”, which has all the ballots for almost anyone who wants to have some fun with someone. There is a party atmosphere 24 hours a day. For an alternative of a calmer and more “spiritual” place from the raucous San Antonio, there is no better site to flirt than Café del Mar during the sunset.

2. Playa del Inglés. Gran Canaria


This list would be incomplete without a classic like the emblematic beach where, for at least 40 years, the people from all over the world visit, above all, to flirt and have fun. During daytime, you can find a multitude of “beach clubs” and extensive dunes of natural park where everything is possible and it is not uncommon to find a couple looking for new experiences. And then the night is so long and open that there is no limit.

3. Calle del Pecado. Sitges


No one knows its real name (Primero de Mayo) but it has became a mandatory place to start the night and the hunt, hopping from bar to bar, enticing the atmosphere, and marking territory. After each one has selected his/her route according to his/her preferences, it is not only about the sexual orientation, but also styles. The homosexuals are headquartered in the street called San Buenaventura. There are clubs for all tastes and many of them organize special parties like the classic “Espuma” (a foam party).

4. Orzán. Coruña


The queen of the party in the Atlantic is, without a doubt, this Galician city, particularly the Orzán neighborhood that also gives its name to its most lively beach. During the day, you can observe, watch the bodies, and know your tastes. You can check who is a surfer and who is not, and then finish the night in the front of a ton of pubs and bars of all conditions that are situated within a small maze of streets.

5. Magaluf. Mallorca


Make no mistake, half of Europe continue to come to flirt and get drunk in this coastal Majorcan town; but since a couple of years, there are places where the atmosphere is sophisticated, especially in the iconic Nikki Beach Club. In their parties, flirting enters another scale; but also in the reformed hotels Meliá, like the one dedicated to surfing, you can see a great concentration of the 10 bodies of the beach*.

6. Calle de la Noria. Santa Cruz de Tenerife


During the day, the options of the beach and the sun in Tenerife vary, but in the evening, there is only one place for having fun and meeting people: the old quarter of the capital, more specifically, in the street of la Noria you can meet both your own “chicharreros” (which is what the natives of Tenerife are called; aka “los tinerfeños”) or the thousands of visitors who come to the island craving to party. There are dozens of bars, but the street continues to be the grand protagonist.

7. KM. Benidorm


It is the most exclusive place in the world, but Benidorm is one of the most popular places where the flirting is virtually assured; age will be of no importance. For those who have exceeded the 30’s, there are two magical letters: KM. It is the name of the two legendary clubs of the Costa Blanca. One is gigantic with 12 bars and a pool, and the other is on the same beach where one usually begin but also finish the party with good company.

8. Atrévete. Torremolinos


Some people prefer “beach clubs” in Marbella, Puerto Banús, or Estepona, but when it comes to the time to flirt, nothing is comparable to the performance of the very experienced Torremolinos. There are all kinds of fun bars and nightclubs like “Pipers”, but none is on the same level as the Atrévete, located on the beach of Carihuela, the favorite spot to get wild to the rhythm of salsa to both the Andalusians and the foreigners alike.

9. La Ruina. Tarifa


For those who like surfing-or just the surfers-regardless of your specialty, there is nothing comparable in the Peninsula (and perhaps in Europe) to the Tarifa, where sports activities as well as others start on the same beaches and continue until you drop in a place with such charisma like La Ruina. Here, at least there are some bodies in bad shape. Quite the contrary…

10. Las playas. Barcelona


In the summer, the gathering in Barcelona moves between the terraces of its hotels, but almost all gatherings take place in many “beach clubs” and funky bars that mount of the beaches. From the Hotel W to CDLC through the Mac Arena Mar or the Opium Mar, the party atmosphere begins at noon and lasts until dawn, allowing one to take a swim anytime if the heat or the body heat rise excessively.


ALL CREDITS GO TO EL MUNDO. The article was written by Javier Mazorra. It was updated on the www.elmundo.es on Saturday, August 8, 2013. I merely translated the article loosely into English. Again, see the original article here: hhttp://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2013/08/05/noticias/1375720610.html


That was quite a translation. It took me a while! *Note, I think I did not translate this correctly. The placement of the words are a little tricky to be translated into English. Apologies.

I have heard of some places on this list. I’ve always wanted to visit Ibiza and Mallorca. It seems like Ibiza is THE ultimate summer vacay site for footballers. They always go there for some reason. Yes, Isco was there this summer, too.

As I was reading the article for the first time, I kept my fingers crossed as I scroll down the page. I was hoping that a place in the Malaga province would make it to the list. And YES! There it is, coming in at #8 is the town of Torremolinos. Since I have planned to visit Benalmadena, I could easily walk to Torremolinos – and I plan to do it. I want to visit as many towns in Malaga as possible. I found out a while ago that there is a religious parade of the town’s virgin in July. I don’t know much about it, but I know that the parade usually takes place in Carihuela. I want join it, but I’m not sure yet. I’m debating about it. I have seen videos of these parade; there were a lot – a lot – of people out in the streets. It looks very interesting, and very Catholic, which is something that I would not be able to relate to, but it still looks awesome. So, I don’t know…We’ll see.

The town of Torremolinos has attracted me for its religious reasons, and here I am translating the most secular subject of all. I just checked out videos of the place; it seemed very lively. Sure, it looks like a club, but the people were dancing exceptional salsa. It looks like they know what they are doing. They dance effortlessly as if it is a scene in the movie. So, I’m debating whether or not to go here, too, but for different reasons.

One thing for sure, I’ll be in Torremolinos.



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