On a Spanish Article: “Summer Love”

Oh, the things you run into on the Internet…

I did not even have to search for this article http://www.antena3.com/noticias/sociedad/espanoles-europeos-mas-relaciones-verano_2013080800166.html

It just suddenly appeared before me on a social media site. The Internet does read its user’s mind.

And so begins my series of Spanish articles’ translations. I will post more articles that could be related to my study abroad experience. I will loosely translate the articles so that English-speakers could read and comprehend more easily. In other words, the articles will not be directly translated; and thus, they may loose some of their original meanings, wit, and linguistic beauty. I apologize beforehand. Also, I will use Google Translation minimally; we all know that its translation is mediocre.

With that said, let’s go!


1068_md Summer-Love-Dekstop-HD-Wallpaper
Summer is the time when you meet many people in different settings of everyday life. Meeting up with friends, going out to dinners, attending parties, etc. expand the range of possibilities.  With these outings, someone interesting may appear into your life – this is called a "summertime love". In fact, the study by Meetic LoveGeistTM shows that Spaniards are the Europeans who found themselves in a summertime romance the most, with 65% of the respondents claiming to have had a "summertime relationship" that endure. It is reported that 41% of these relationships last between 1 to 3 months.

Nonetheless, if you want to this extend the duration of summertime relationsip, follow these simple tips that have been developed by the Meetic’s experts.

1. Adjust your schedule. That is, continue to see each other with the same amount of time that was spent during the summer.

2. Adjust your activities. Upon returning home, handle your time differently.

3. Adjust your expectations. The first months of any relationship, whether from summer or winter vacations, are NOT relationships. Your significant other may not be the person who you believe you knew. The reality starts after vacations

4. Surprise with the new look. During the vacation, you may not have the same look as you do in everyday life, but you can be even more attractive.

5. Deal with the changes one by one. It is best to gradually digest and integrate the new activities, the new person, and the new facets of his or her personality.

6. Find the balance between “his/her life” and “your life” and alone times. Share and balance how much time should be dedicated to your relationship and your own life.

7. If you live in different cities, maintain regular contact. With the help of new technology, like the Webcam, you can still have romantic dinners, watch movies together, etc.

8.  Take care of your own matters. Your significant other now does not have as much time to dedicate to you. Therefore, it is better to stay occupied during that times that you are without him or her.

9. Keep a lid on irrational ideas. The changes do not mean that “I want less” or “I’m going to leave”. They have to take place naturally.

10. Keep the same sense of humor and mood. There is nothing more frightening than when Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde.


*All credits go to Antena 3


Wow. And ouch. Reality hits, and it hurts.

I don’t want to believe what was said in #3, that the first months of relationships that are began during the vacations are “not real”. That just defies the logic of a hopeless romantic.

Let’s get real, many students who study abroad want to find themselves in some kind of “relationship” with the locals. Who wouldn’t an exotic experience to remember?

But I do wonder what can I do in one month. I have spent YEARS without finding that someone. If you look at it from that way, one month is like one dust in an hourglass…

Who knows? What ever happens, happens.

Besides, however short one month maybe, the hours would never be a concern during that period. I would have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

The hope in this die-hard hopeless romantic just doesn’t go away that easily. Sometimes it is concerning how overly optimistic and naïve I can be. Such is a dilemma that the young and the inexperienced will have to face.

This article is a good reality check. Relationships require more than just feelings. Sure, a relationship can’t exist without love, but the two must have a mutual understanding as well. More importantly, both must have faith in the relationship and in each other. Both must have the will to sustain the relationship and work on issues that stand between them. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that relationship is hard work.

I’m too young for that stuff. Then why am I writing this? I’m not sure. Cheers to being young and confused.








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