Damn It, Isco X: Last Post of the Isco Series

After beating Chelsea in Miami in a beautiful 3-1 win, Real Madrid lifted the International Challenge trophy.

The second goal was a result of Isco’s assist. It was breath-taking to watch his perfect pass to Ronaldo, who scored a header. Just breath-taking. It is not surprising that he has been called up to play for La Roja (the Spanish International team) for the upcoming friendly match against Ecuador. What a summer he is having!

Real Madrid is in St. Louise to play Inter Milan tomorrow. Not sure why, since Real Madrid has already won the international tournament final. Not sure why it has to be St. Louise, of all places, either.

Now that I’m done with the summer term, I should be relatively active on here.

As summer is coming to an end, I have discovered that it is impossible to stop liking Isco after that dramatic discovery that he has a girlfriend. I still love him very much as a talented futbol player, a loyal Malaguista, and a proud Malagueño. Did I mention that he is beautiful? Obviously, from the outside, he is; but from what I can tell from his interviews and interactions with others around him, he seems to be a beautiful person on the inside, as well. At this point, it seems silly to say “Damn It, Isco”, which seems like it is negatively directed at him.

I just cannot dislike him. Damn it, Isco.

I suppose this is a good place to finish the “Damn It, Isco” series. However, do not be mistaken that I will stop writing about him. How can I? He still crosses my mind too many times per day.

I wonder if he would see this series someday. I pray that he would never have to. He has too many crazy fans already.

But if there is something that I want him to know… Well…

I was going to say that I wanted him to know that he is my idol – but what’s the point? That’s just not necessary. I’m sure he knows that he has touched and inspired many people with his hard work and accomplishments.

Wow, this is harder than I thought. I don’t know what I would want to say to him…

Whatever it is, it’s probably wouldn’t be anything personal. I doubt that I would ever meet him, let alone know him “personally”. I doubt that I would want to, because once I do, I could think of him differently.

A star only looks stunning from a distance.

So, I don’t have anything personal to say to him. How about professionally? Well, I would want to congratulate him on his successes and encourage him to continue doing what does. I doubt what good it would do, still – he has people congratulating him and he does not need words of encouragement of a fan, a stranger, a number, a face-less “person”.

I will continue to keep him as my number one footballer in my book. And to honor my most favorite player, I will discontinue using the phrase “Damn It, Isco”; so here I formally declare the end of the series.

But here comes the shock: Isco’s got competition.

Sure, I am committed to having him in the #1 spot, but recently I found an interview of Marc Bartra that made me lose my mind. A reporter interviewed him and another teammate separately, asking one questions about his life, hobbies, likes, etc. to see if the other can answer correctly. His teammate answered correctly when asked if Marc likes to read. The interview then shows that Marc admits that he likes to read-and that had me snorting. Sure, you can say that I was judging him based on stereotypes; but wait here, I am not that judgmental or unreasonable. Ok, perhaps I was, a little; but I know that he, like all of other Spanish ‘ballers, has played soccer professionally with his hometown team (Barcelona) since a very young age. These juvenile competitions are intense. Very few players would make it to the first team when they are older. Needless to say, he must have been dedicating his whole life to soccer. I would not blame him if he did not have time for school, let alone reading. BUT, after he said that he likes to read in the interview, he pulled a book out… and I melted. He had been carrying the book during the interview, actually. It’s called Jugar con el corazon. If I’m not mistaken, it is a self-help, motivational kind of book that helps one reach his/her potential…I love these kind of books.

I love people who defy stereotypes.

A futbolista who reads? Check.

But like another typical Spanish player, Marc B looks like a model who has been put in a futbol gear… He is absolutely stunning! If I dare say, as stunning as Isco…or even more so. He has the most amazing smile.

There was a picture of him painting, too. My gosh, isn’t he something.

He has inspired me to read and paint again… But what I want to do the most is draw his face. It is a work of art that has been carefully sculpted. It just can’t be that perfect; it’s hard to believe he’s real.

Oops, sorry, Isco. The human heart changes as quickly as a whiff of a breeze, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry, but I will have to place him a notch higher than you – yes, simply because he reads.

What’s funny, though, is that in an interview, Isco said his favorite book was The Alchemist. Surprisingly, I happen to have that book, and I only own less than ten novels. Deja vu? Don’t know, don’t care. He was half smiling, half laughing when he said the name of the book; so I could tell he had not been reading much.

Marc B genuinely likes to read. He carries the book with him, for goodness’s sake. So I would place him a notch above Isco just because of that. Still, Isco is my #1, if that makes sense.

Of course it doesn’t, but to me it does. Isco is my number one. End of the story. Wow, I really need to rest – especially since there’s the Real Madrid v. Inter Milan game tomorrow.





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