Damn It, Isco VII: First Match in USA

One year exactly from today, my study abroad program in Spain would come to an end.

Technically, I should be flying home on this day, but I don’t want to. I plan to stay over there a little bit more, even if it is just half a day more. I NEED to visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. It’s a must.

Speaking of Real Madrid, Isco is about to play his first game in the US soil wearing the new, white hot jersey! The game will take place relatively late. East Coast time. I’m not complaining here. In fact, I’m super excited. The best time to catch a live soccer game is at night!

But damn, do I wish I could be there.

As for my updates, I have turned in the home stay questionnaire. I was asked about my preferences. I tried not to be that picky. I said that I would not mind pets at all nor do I care about the family size. I did say that I want host “siblings” around my age but I would also love to have younger ones around, too. I also said that I hope my future host mom would teach me how to cook. When asked about my ideal roommate (who will probably be a fellow student from the US), I just said that I would want someone considerate, polite, respectly, and possess some common sense. I don’t care about her personality, values, or priorities. Oh, I did stress that I want no smoking at least in my room. I also mentioned that I hope my host family wouldn’t mind me blow drying my hair at least twice a week. Haha.

With two exams and two papers out of the way this week, I should be able to breath again. I need to keep blogging.




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