Damn It, Isco IV: Hometown Girl

Apologies, mostly to self, for not keeping up with the commitment of blogging daily. This is the most hard working summer I have ever had. Who in the right mind takes three summer classes?

Speaking of the right mind, I wrote a paper last week and actually referred to some materials from this blog about Isco…I am praying that they won’t admit me to the Health & Wellness Center… Everything’s fine, people, just fine.

Everything’s getting better, actually. To be honest, I haven’t been studying as hard as I should, nowhere near hard enough as I made it seem to be. But things are about to change. I’ve found more ways to be more productive and motivational. Of course, the studying abroad itself is one of my biggest motivations to work hard. It has always been my dream; but now that it has become a reality, I have to work harder to keep my grades up and saving money…or making money, if possible. I should be finding out soon. If it doesn’t go the way I expect it to be, it’s perfectly fine. That’s life.

Real Madrid is playing some new English team tomorrow for the pre-season tournament. As usual, I am likely unable to watch the game. Una vida sin fútbol es una vida muy fea. Hopefully Isco will get some time on the pitch.

I actually found his girlfriend on Twitter…She wears glasses, just like me – for some reason that made me really happy. Besides standing between Isco and his mom during the “family” photo at the Bernabéu, she seems like a likeable person. She’s no Miss Spain Universe/medicine student/model like Morata’s girlfriend, but she seems to make him really happy. Good for them both.

But how long can a 21-year-old hold on to a relationship?

I initially asked that rhetorical question, too, but upon finding out that she’s also from his hometown, I think he’ll be keeping her around for a while. If I knew that I have to travel the world to work but decide to date a hometown boy, that is really something. Perhaps it is a sign that I am settling down. Anything relating to my hometown will be kept closest to my heart. After all, I am a part of my hometown, so my hometown is a part of my being.

Still, given his age and the new location of his residence, I can’t help wonder how long he’ll stay faithful. Madrid is full of goddesses of actresses, models, sports reporters…and whatnot. As Mr. Kanye West has colorfully expressed in his song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”: “How can you stay faithful in a room full of h*es.” and then also something that could be related to this case…”Life is a, uhh, depend on how you dress her. The song “Gold Digger” can tell the rest of the story, but then I may have to quote the whole song.

But it all ends with Ye’s song, “Homecoming”:  

“’Cause I’m coming home again. Maybe we can start again.”      





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