Damn It, Isco: Initial Reactions



My “most favorite player ever” has got a girlfriend…

Figured. #How could someone that beautiful stay single.#

But what’s sad is that I’ve always assumed that he was single, thanks to this interview given in March. http://www.diariofemenino.com/pictures/videos/63000/63220-victoria-nuevo-fichaje-del-equipo-de-novias-del-real-madrid-con-isco.jpg Looks like he is as quick and slick outside the field as he is inside…

“No, novia no tengo. Ofertas para tener alguna sí… Pero estoy tranquilito en ese sentido, soy joven y cuando llegue la hora de tener pareja”

“No, I have no girlfriend. Offers to have some(WHAT!), yes … But I’m a little calm in that sense, I’m young and when it’s time to have a partner”

Screw Google translate, it never gets anything right. I think the last part means “the time to have a girlfriend will come”… but I don’t know. I just don’t know.

“The only person that I can really believe in is myself” – I need to take on my own advice.

Look at this mess: I’m not even in Malaga yet and I’ve already had my heart broken. Haha.

Well, “artificially” broken. It’s not like I know the guy. But it does make me think, though. How many more guys would a girl have to get through to meet the one, the right one? How many times will she have to find out that he already has a girlfriend?

And why the @!/* would he bring her with him to such an important event of his life – his presentation at Real Madrid? Isn’t it just for close friends and family? Why was she standing right next to him for the pictures among his parents and brother? Doesn’t that imply that things are serious between them? Does he intend to keep her around for that long? Wouldn’t be mean if he dumped her someday?

I need to stop asking questions and go to bed…

and focus on my schooling “career”. I’m young, the time to have a boyfriend will come.

HA! Yes, I did paraphrased him. Freaking liar. Still a very beautiful one… Ok, I’ll forgive you.

@!/*, I’m in love.

@!/* it, big time. Please refer to the meme above.


P.s. My affection as a fan still remains. I hope you will help Madrid accomplish many great things…You better will, you little piece of $!!1.

@!/*, I’m in love.


@!/* it.

@!/* it all.

@!/* all of it.



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