“Lo que el ojo no ve”

Wow the title seems all poignant…but it’s actually a name of my favorite Spanish TV show. It always has the most hilarious, unseen footage from the La Liga matches. I love watching the show; it makes the league seems so much more personal. I’ve watched countless amount of these videos on Youtube and got to see so much funny interviews of the fans. Of course, there are clips of football players here and there. I ran into an episode that I haven’t watched in ages. I have forgotten how much I looove this episode, especially the part where the Getafe goalkeeper Miguel Moya came out of the dressing room to talk to this kid who was holding a sign that he wanted the keeper’s shirt. I think the joke was that Moya talked to the kid, but didn’t give his jersey away…Whatever, give the guy a break. He was nice enough to talk to the little guy. Some players couldn’t care less.

But this Moya…He is ridiculously handsome. Just my type, too. LOVE his accent and the way he talked to the kid. So I “researched” around a little bit and found that he could possibly be dating/or have dated an actress. It’s funny because she’s one of the very few Spanish actresses that I know. She is/was close to this actor from my most favorite Spanish movie of all time, Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo; and they both have the same last name. Months ago, I was looking around about Malaga’s (nighttime) “attractions” and actually found a video of these two in a club in the city. Not sure if they dated, but he’s always seem to be so into her. That lucky woman, she has had the most attractive men around her.

So I googled around a bit more for images of Moya. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this one picture that I’ve seen YEARS ago-a picture of what I thought was a model. It was just a close-up of his face, wearing sunglasses. I thought he looked unreal, like a carefully-sculpted Helenistic statue. I don’t know what’s with me, but I tend to compare certain guys to Greek statues.

I was going to post this picture on here. I left the page to do some other things. When I came back, I couldn’t find the picture anymore.

You’ll always find what you weren’t looking for.

In fact, while I had the name “Moya” in my search box, a couple pictures of “Isco” popped up.

Should I say Google is too stupid, or is it too smart?





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