Since I’ve Been Talking About DEJA VU…

My decision to study abroad in Malaga City-the capital of the Malaga Province-took place last year, way before I knew about Isco. In addition, I’ve always wanted to visit another of Malaga’s provincial town that is located just outside of Malaga City. This little town has first attracted my attention with its Buddhist stupa. I thought it was strange that the biggest Buddhist structure in Europe is located in the conservative countryside of the most Catholic nation of all. As a descendant of a conservative, country Buddhist family from Southeast Asia, I just have to visit this place. This stupa is Bhutanese, but it is still Buddhist to me. Another thing about this little town that caught my eyes is the entrance building of the butterfly park, whose design was inspired by architecture of my native country. As a patriot, I have to visit this place. Just by looking at it, it feels like home. And this is where the deja vu comes in. It feels like I’ve been there before.

I had never picture myself as a mother, but I have the strangest feeling that this town would be THE perfect place to raise a little family.

And, as I found out less than a month ago, this town is where Isco was born and raised.

It’s just so strange. I’ve always wanted to go there, and as I’ve already mentioned the two reasons above, not because of Isco. Something about this town is just drawing me in. It’s not a tourist trap. People really live there. I’ve asked my study abroad program’s manager about this town, and she recommended me that she wouldn’t go there; it’s just a small town with virtually no attractions, nothing worth mentioning.

And of course I won’t listen to that recommendation.

This place has a special meaning to me, considering that it has pieces of what I would call home. And now, much later, that I know that Isco is from there, I must go.  Although he is moving to Real Madrid, the town will always remember him and how he was a huge part of the history of the team. (Isco was a big factor of bringing Malaga C.F., a virtually no-name little team that represents the Malaga Province, to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League for the very first time.)

What’s even weirder is this: In my PowerPoint that I had created before I knew about where Isco’s hometown is, I’ve chose six hotels to stay in, and my top two are located in the part of town where he is from…This is just plain scary, considering that the town has three districts: the Old Town, the Port, and sorry can’t tell you. The third district is where I will be.

I hope he’s home when I get there. Just kidding. I couldn’t care less. Just knowing that he was there already gave me enough chills; just being able to be there is more than I could even ask for.




P.S. The background image is Isco’s hometown, indeed.


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