On Being Brisa Libre

With all due respect, I welcome advices and, even more so, constructive critiques. However, some are just clueless when they might be crossing the line. There are those who do not know the difference between giving helpful advice and meddling with someone else’s business. I understand that some give advice out of love and good intentions while others give advice just because they are purely nosy, but a caring advice can quickly become a nosy notion. Intervening with someone else’s decision to live their lives is more or less an immoral act to me. This help explains why I choose “Brisa Libre” as my pseudonym. Meaning “free breeze” in Spanish, this alias suits me very well. It might seem a bit redundant, since the “brisa” already represents a metaphor for freedom; but I think this redundancy is perfect. My insatiable hunger for freedom has never been satisfied. I blindly seek to grasp this abstract idea labeled “freedom”. I don’t know what it looks like. I don’t know where to find it. Unfortunately, I realize that I may never get a glimpse of it.

The seek of freedom, or the release from secular knots that tie one down and low, is the purpose of my inherited religion. I could easily follow what the religion states in order to find the answer of what I am looking for, but I am at the crucial point of my life where I am eager to figure things out on my own terms. I want to discover the light among the darkness by myself. I will gamble, and eventually learn a lesson or two. Let me take my own chances, because at the end of the day, no one will sit down to lament the consequences of my decisions with me. There might be very few people that will, but they still won’t be able to understand my circumstances. They won’t know what I’ve been through; they don’t know where I’m coming from; so they will never comprehend all of my feelings and sufferings. On the other hand, if I succeed something, many more will flock to celebrate it with me. I would welcome the company, but they still won’t be receiving any credit from me. Whatever I have accomplished or failed to do depends entirely on me. Of course there are many influences, inspirations, and supports, but in the end, it is I who choose to make the execution.

Anyway, I’m not here to discuss religion. I have no intension of swaying anyone else’s opinion let alone attempting to convert their faith. Doing so is being disrespectful to the right of a human…at least in my book. Everyone should have the freedom to believe in whatever they want to believe in. Although I am forgetful and carefree like the breeze, I have always remembered one very wise advise: never discuss politics, religions, and nations. Always believing in this advise does give me troubles in everyday life, because these seem to always be the topics of conversation in this country, especially among the “educated”. It makes me uncomfortable that some people are always ranting about their views on politics, their ideas of the “right” religion, and their zealotry in their own group/race/nation, etc. While they might think that their talks are correct or intellectual, I consider them to be the opposite. It is rude trying to impose one’s idea on another. Others can think, too. He or she, as a fellow human being, should be allowed to craft and foster his or her own ideas. Coercion, or even encouragement, is nothing but an insult to another’s intelligence.

I am sick and tired of what people tell me to do. This one want me to be here; that one want me to be there. This one over here want to stay as long as possible; that one over there tells me to leave as soon as I can. They are both wasting our time. I am going to choose to do what I want.

I am not a rebel. I work. Very hard. I always give over one hundred percent. I have no problems following orders or directions, as long as it is for the sake of work and other legitimate business. There is no doubt that those around me see me as a hardworking and obedient worker bee, and that’s it. It would be assumed that I always follow the rules, which is true. But that’s work, it’s nowhere near being the reality of my personal life. I work hard, only to play harder, and this is why I am so excited to get away to Spain, the first and probably the only place that I choose to be. Without working or hearing the familiar voices giving “advices”, maybe I will get to be myself and do what I want to do for once.



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