Make-Up Post

So I didn’t blog yesterday. I was so ridiculously tired and sleep-deprived that I didn’t keep up the commitment [of blogging daily]. Not to mention that I was distracted and deliriously happy yesterday. See the blog above.

Anyway, moving on with the actual blogging. 

Sometimes when I want to tell someone something really important, they don’t listen or seem to care. So I would conclude that they are not worthy enough to hear it. 

Some people talk too much. They miss so many things and they don’t even know it. I pity them, really. Speaking won’t allow you to learn much. I strongly, strongly believe that good learners are nothing but good listeners. They don’t ask as many questions, because they have been listening and making interpretations-the two processes that are done best when there’s no speaking. Of course, sometimes you’ll come across things that are difficult to understand, so it is perfectly fine to ask questions, even if it is a stupid one. A stupid question is more valuable than a useless question. Courage-or borderline shamelessness-is the key to learning something new.



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