Summer “Break” Is Over

My short and well-spent one week break is over. Now, back to reality.

Speaking of reality, I think I’m going to write about it this weekend. It’s not that I need a reality check, I just want to keep my thoughts organized and set boundaries between the what I want to happen and what is going to happen. It seems like I have always put so much effort in mending the gap between my dreams and reality. I want them to be one.

Ok, maybe I’ll need a reality check. 

I think I have it all in my head, but spelling everything out would not hurt. Hopefully, it will help me see things more clearly.

As for today, nothing new – except that classes have started. Spanish is in session. It is astonishing how quickly I seem to forget that this class is consisted so much amount of busy work. Repetition, repetition, repetition – that’s how you learn a language. I’ve gone through it all before learning English. But here I am…ready to march on. The journey to an interesting destination requires too many tedious steps; nobody wants to talk about it.



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