Third Year Coming Through!

After Summer A has come to an end, the grades and transcript have been updated. I am officially a Third Year student! I suppose I can finish school next year, but I am not ready to leave just yet. I love Spanish too much to quit studying it a little too soon. I can delay my graduation. That is how much I have a passion for this language.

As of now, I am not sure where my life is going. There are just too many roads on my map. It is daunting to realize that I only have less than two years to choose just one path. But life isn’t made up of foreseeable roads. Instead, life is like an ocean. Sure, you have the power to steer your boat, the waves can overpower you anytime. Although there are decisions to be made, I am not going to believe that it is definitive. I will set sail and steer toward a distant shore, but I will let the wind does its job and guide me to wherever I am meant to be.



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