I’m ridiculously overjoyed to know that one year from TODAY, I will be landing in Spain!!!!

That said, here’s the update: I got a phone call from the program manager of the study abroad program.

The long story is this: I wrote the longest e-mail of life to ask about every questions that I could think of, from the schedule, traveling info, money, cultural differences, etc. etc. I got a reply last week that they were really impressed at the depth of my e-mail and since I have so many questions, it would be convenient if we could just talk on the phone. And that is the story behind my 58-minute phone conversation yesterday.

The manager was extremely friendly, patient, polite, and helpful. However, I think I crept her out a little bit. She was shocked at how much I’ve already know about the program and its site plus the cities nearby. When she said that the school is in the east part of town, I named the specific “district” and that got a “Joder!” out of her. She was also very surprised that I know about Pablo Alboran – and that crept her out, too… That’s probably why I didn’t mention Isco, since I fear that I might go a little too far. (I did talk about futbol though. I had to). She mentioned that she will need to warn the on-site staff to look out for me. Great, my legacy will arrive before I will. But then again, it’s better to be remembered than forgotten.



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