Onward with the Application

Today I turned in two more documents to the study abroad program. One of these documents required the study abroad advisor's signature. After coming out of the meeting with her, I realized that these two papers are just tiny hints of a ton of paperwork to come. I found it ridiculous that I have to apply with the school on top of applying with the program itself. Then I need to get this person's approval and that person's signature. And I won't even mention all of the other documents required for traveling. One little thing leads to another…and another…and BAM! Ten more! That is life for you. It starts off as a little breeze that spins into a whirlwind, grasping for anything near it and then spins into a tornedo. And it goes round and round and round. It's just so continuous that at some point, everything seems interminable and time stands still.

As much as I complain about this continuity, I will miss it. Someday, everything won’t be able to go on anymore. At the end of it all, I hope I can look back and realize that the journey is worth it.



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