A Girl’s Gotta Do What A Girl’s Gotta Do

In no particular order:

2. Stop by a perfumeria to buy a local perfume.
3. Get a pair of boots to..
4. Go horse-riding on a pure-bred Andalusian
5. Ride a cable car
6. Ride a bike
7. Ride a boat
8. Ride a Segway
9. Ride a bus
10. Get a ride on a Vespa
11. Ride a speed train to…
12. Visit Benalmádena
13. Stroll the Old Town Benalmadena
14. Sleep in Arroyo de la Miel ❤
15. Find Isco’s home – just kidding
16. Visit the Málaga Stadium
17. Visit the Buddhist stupa
18. Visit the butterfly park b/c its building is inspired by Thai architecture
19. Eat some Thai food
20. Join a religious procession, somewhere
21. Eat grilled sardine on the beach
22. Wear a maxi dress/skirt and stroll the beach
23. Visit a nude beach (Ahem, note #22)
24. Walk to Torremolinos
25. Get home in time before class
26. Buy souvenir for family & friends
27. Send postcard to self
28. Visit Santiago Bernabéu before leaving!!!
29. Buy Isco’s jerseys @ Madrid AND Málaga
30. Try at least new 9 drinks (Don’t think bad here, either)
31. Observe/witness catcalls
32. Make catcalls
33. Ask “random” strangers for pictures – just because they’re good-looking
34. Personally investigate the claim that Andalusian police are attractive
35. Let loose on B-Day
36. Don’t get “White-Girl Wasted”-Ever
37. Visit “Café con Libros”
38. Chat with the locals
39. Find a fling
40. Find THE bling
41. …or get your own ring
42. Buy a necklace
43. Get a hair-cut, Sara Carbonero style as always
44. Know how to talk like a Malagueña
45. Get decent grades.


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