On Catcalling (Part I)


Yesterday while I was getting my hair cut, the hairdresser asked if I had boyfriend. When I said no, she replied “You will now!” I’m not sure if I should be happy about that statement… Doesn’t it imply that my hair was hideous enough to repel every single man that I run into? If getting a fabulous haircut will get a gal a boyfriend, then there would be no single girls on this planet. Besides, I have received attention before I even got this haircut. Unfortunately, all of the attention were just unwanted. Boy, do I hate the catcalling that I got the past few weeks. Before you go ahead and assume that I’m a feminist, get this – I’M NOT. Heck, I don’t mind staying home and be a housewife. See, the thing that I hate about catcalling is its pointlessness. A guy catcalls a girl, And then what? They both would just go on about their day. Catcalling doesn’t make a girl feel pretty or special; it does the opposite. Also, it is a quick and sure way to show that the guy is a coward, like he has no courage to actually talk to the girl even though that’s what he wants to do. I’m not saying catcalling is entirely wrong and should be illegal or something, I just want to say that if you want a girl’s attention, grow some and go talk to her! She deserves to feel special and be appreciated for longer than 2 seconds. If catcalling is what gets things started, so be it, but just carry it through. The only thing she can do is say no. But hey, maybe that’s her lost, not yours.

I know that this post might seem irrelevant to this blog, which is supposed to be about all things related to the journey toward my summer abroad (and hopefully the study experience abroad itself). But trust me, it does. Everything that happens from today to the day I board that plan will count. I will relate them to the study abroad somehow. As for this post, I got the inspiration after reading about social interactions in Spain. I’ve read this awesome article http://www.laurensieben.com/spain/?p=1250 and it made me wonder about what I might encounter over there*. I don’t think that I would get that much attention, though; I look like Miss Universe with no makeup and no plastic surgery, plus 38 pounds and minus 1 foot in height. Besides, I don’t think there would be many “foreigners” from Southeast Asia in the place that I plan to go to. Safe to say that I doubt that I’m their type. So if one Señor Dark & Handsome doesn’t find me attractive, I’d understand. Nonetheless, according to the article, catcalling is “worse” across the Atlantic Ocean. But as I said earlier, I’m not 100% against it. It’s interesting and funny that some girls hate when catcallers linger on while I think that the longer the better, as at least it involves a little higher level of interest. I suppose it is just a matter of perspectives.

*To be continued…We’ll see what I will witness, regardless of whether it will happen to me or not!




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