I planned to apply for the study abroad program last night, but I still have not. I was about to hit that “apply” button after reading whatever useless, wordy stuff they the had. Then it made me realized that I needed to make a deposit…and I didn’t have enough money at the time. It’s all good now, though. I think I have everything ready. I’ll officially apply this weekend! The finals are standing in the way right now. I should get studying. More to come this weekend-I want to discuss something about “catcalling” since it has happened to me today, to much of my annoyance. It will be a good topic to discuss for the looong and FREE weekend. SO  done with the summer semester. I only have one week break before I can finally continue my Spanish studies! I haven’t been in a Spanish class since May. I miss it dearly.



1 thought on “Not-So-Smooth”

  1. Update: Application submitted! I will try to post a blog on a daily basis. I’ve been distracted by exams and other social media sites. Apologies. Starting from Sunday, June 23, 2013, I will post something everyday even if I do not have much time. It could be a long, elaborate post or a quote, or something as short as a dot or a word…like “NO”.

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