First Journal About the Beginning of a Grand Journey

June 19, 2013

Not sure how to begin this again…I tried blogging once, but it seemed like it was too much to keep up with it. I had too much to do. The page was hideous. My fingers pressed the backspace too many times, trying to destroy the evidence of my ineloquence-my shame, my hesitance, my lack of confidence. It frustrates me when I could not find the correct words and write fluidly without stopping. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I shall begin blogging again. This will also signify the beginning of my journey to a faraway land, the place of my dreams called Spain. I am about to apply for a summer study abroad program tonight. From less than one week and a year from now, I will record my thoughts and dreams up to the starting point of the journey. I wish I could explain why I want to go to Spain (and specifically Andalucía and Málaga and its cities), but one little post will not be sufficient! I will keep blogging about all things related to Spain and my experience abroad, with touches of random thoughts here and there. I will end with this: Tonight, I am applying for the program. Wish me luck.



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